by - 10:52 PM

You want to be famous, known, recognizable. You want others not to go past you indifferently, so that everyone knows your name, so that your face is a calling card of the brand, and the best if you were known worldwide... And you are stubbornly fighting for this goal, sometimes with years of the hard work, sometimes regardless of everything, or the recognizability comes to you thanks to various coincidences. You have this one life dream: to be a star, the great celebrity whom everyone knows.
Hmm... Boredom with anonymity, desire for breaking free from grey mass of the commonness... Actually nothing bad.
You are shining, you are recognizable, crowds follow you... Super, right? Indeed, super. For years you are dreaming of becoming the adored, known person, whose name know the millions, years later you achieve it, you are incredibly happy, and one day, when somebody is catching you in the street and asks, whether you are you, you answer: "No, I'm sorry, but you must have confused me with someone else"... And this is the moment, the moment of the tiredness, willingness of the calm, the moment, when you start to appreciate the anonymity, you become aware of its values and how much lacking it is, when already disappears.

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