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The today's cinema is built on two kingdoms: omnipresent Hollywood and making wonders Bollywood.

This first - is everywhere. Everyone knows it, without exception, for the youngest years to the end of life. This second, much less well-known, more refined, climatic... And exactly this one stole my heart already long years ago.
Love, feelings, human dramas, joy and tears, surrounded with the music and singing, and above all... This climate. This spirit!
Climate of the Bollywood films is irreplaceable and arouses remarkable feelings, just doesn't let forget about it.
I, person from birth full of huge, American productions and their derivatives, completely fell in love with the oriental cinema. The cinema which with every single film causes that litres of tears flowing out of my eyes. Yes, exactly. What Bollywood did, Hollywood never did. Each film from India is moving me to tears, when American megahits evoking attacks of laughter or boredom at most. I don't belong to persons, in whom the view on-screen is able to easily evoke emotions greater than the kind indifference, so squeezing tears from me is really big feat, closely miraculous. And this miracle, is able to make only exclusive, magical, full of charm and passion climate of Bollywood.
Therefore for all of these these who adore colourful, full of life, real feelings and the music, world, delighting with the magic of orient which is possible to feel long after the completion of show, I can recommend to sink in the atmosphere of flowery, overfilled with passion India on-screen. Big emotions and tears sure, even for the most obdurate ones. 

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