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Hot, summer evening, Saturday, 8.08.2015.
Then everything began. Then under the influence of holiday impulse my blog was created, the first post was written.
Today, from this moment three years passed. THREE YEARS! It's positively hard to believe this time passed so quickly.
I remember it like yesterday, just I put the first dot here, I wrote for myself only, and now I'm celebrating the triennial of the coming into existence of my website which is read by tens, maybe even hundreds of thousands of people from the entire globe. Maybe nothing special, but for me it's a huge success. To be, to write, to do what I love and to have people who love to read what I create. Amazing feeling which I didn't expect at any time I will experience, and now... Now for three years I'm called a blogger and I'm proud of it and happy that I managed to achieve so lot in this field.
I started as the shy, timid girl who for these three years became a woman, who won't be stopped by anything and who isn't going to slow down in the aspiration to getting the summit and fulfilling her dreams.

Today, Wednesday, 08.08.2018... Triennial.
What has changed? Seemingly little, after all very much. New readers, new rankings, new cultures and... New, surprising forefront amongst reading countries. How? Unexpectedly I managed to get there, where for a long time I wanted to get the bigger circle of readers, although to be honest for many reasons I really doubted that it at any time would take place and I assessed my chances as poor and very low, well, well! It got successful and what's more not only to stay there for a longer time, but also to make this country one of the exact lead of my recipients! You want to know which? Read the following posts! 

And now, as I promised, reveal a bit of the secret about the surprise which I'm preparing for you...

Dear, within the following months a new label will appear on the blog, and there thematic posts about something what is very close to me, and what currently is the major part of my life, of what I am a part and what is a part for me. I hope that you like this idea and you will also like the topic.

And now thank you very much, that you were and you are with me, thanks to you I know that writing is something for me and still I want to do this. Thank you for all nice words, for all messages, photos, support which you showed me in hard moments. I am very grateful to you. 

Head up, goals set and see you next years!

~ Magdalene Anne

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