by - 6:21 PM

Questions, questions, questions...
All of you ask so many questions. Everyday I receive tens of new, all about this one and only thing. I know that you want to know. I know that you expect the answer, the confirmation, the denial or anything else. I know too that some of you guess, other no, but everyone wants to get to know something more. Most probably you are also wondering, why recently my activity on the blog is so low and whether first and second have something in common. So yes, have. And actually it is the only answer I want and I can give you. I'll keep the rest for myself until the end, I will tell nothing, I won't answer questions, the private life will be private and as I wrote some time ago, nothing will change it.
So this way unfortunately, my dear, but your curiosity and desire for getting to know details won't be fulfilled. All you can get is the air and you have to be pleased with what is 

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