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How many times did you hear the question "Why you don't trust me, you don't believe?", "Why won't you give me the chance?"...? I can guess that at least once, and if you didn't hear, probably you asked someone.
Distrust, that's it. People so often wonder, why other people don't trust them, don't believe, aren't able to give the chance. Yet out of all complicated reasons, two are wielding control.
We don't believe the ones we don't know, what is understandable thing and these, we know too well, what is an even more understandable thing.
Distrust for strangers, is an obvious obviousness, the self-preservation instinct which we are being taught for the youngest years, in order not to be deluded and caught in a trap by somebody about bad intentions whom generally speaking we don't know. Nothing new, nothing surprising, just the daily bread.
However a mistrust towards people we know more than enough, is a masterpiece not for idiots, art of the self-defence, something what not everyone can afford, because there still are people who in spite of many scars, are marked by a high indicator of gullibility. It isn't necessary to think long in order to discover where such a phenomenon comes from.
If you went the gunshot wound through, would you rush up to the flying bullet one more time? I guess, that surely no, on the contrary, you would do everything in order to protect yourself from it, right? At least the majority of people about healthy consciousness would act this way. So why knowing a given person and knowing who really is, we would be supposed to trust them or what is worse to refresh it for the second time and next, if once they have already hurt us and we know very well that without a doubt they could and most probably will do it not only once again? After all it's like holding the own head out up to the guillotine. Why to believe promises of the man who already promised the earth many times, but after all did stick a stab in the back? Why to give credence to words of such a person, being aware that these are just empty words?
The most often not the people who generally speaking we don't know, but the ones we know as far as too well, are hurting and untrustworthy, who we are afraid of because we know that they are immature, that it isn't possible to trust them, or else will smash up everything into dust, because we realize that hurting the other man is a piece of cake for them or simply, are insincere, lying vipers, for whom talking about others and scandalmongering is the entire life, or charlatans, wanting only to harm.
Both so-so towards the strange figure it's possible to reduce the distrust by getting to know better and building the trust, so once destroyed towards somebody whom we know long time, or what worse of family members - it is possible to rebuild never.
I know it from my own experience that persons who found their way to my black list years ago, still stay there and there are no chances for me to trust them again. I believe in nothing what they say and do, because I know very well that these are only lies, the falsehood and empty appearances. Once burnt place, remains sensitive forever. A life isn't a film, it isn't possible to withdraw it.

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