London Vibes.

by - 9:14 AM

Beautiful city with the soul, mysterious, famous for cool days and a lot of the rainfall.
The Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Oxford Street and the Hyde Park... There are only a few of the considerable list of symbols of this beautiful city, which being here, definitely is worthwhile seeing, and you certainly won't regret it.
Streets and small streets, where the past meets the modernity, effectively enchain and stand out in tourists' memory. Admittedly London has "this something". Even though personally I wouldn't like to live or to stay here for a long time, because I can't stand the cool, humid climate, where the umbrella is an everyday tool kit - atmosphere of this place is charming me, every time I am here. The number of the attraction and absorbing places is large enough, that nobody will be bored, and even if, it is always possible to get into the train and go out to seaside Brighton adored by Londoners and to relax on the beach, listening to the noise of waves or to have a nice time on Brighton Pier, amongst local variety and the nice birds which with great willingness will join to the meal eaten by us 
But! If there is somebody who doesn't like the sweetness, especially chocolate delicious things in the form of M&M's tasting of childhood? If you are also their admirer, you can't not to visit probably the tastiest nook of the British capital city. The proposition sounds the more temptingly, that M&M's World is only in a few places in the world and what's more in the biggest and most well-known and rich metropolises, that is, except London: Las Vegas, Orlando Florida, New York City and Shanghai. Inviting, right? To be so close and not to have break in the land of favourite sweets of the childhood is an inexcusable sin. I recommend and definitely mark this point as unmissable during the visit in the capital of England.
Finishing this short post, not necessarily typical for me and my blog, I can frankly recommend the several days' trip to London and surroundings, however with my own prospect I admit that despite everything I couldn't last here longer than just for a few days, among others because of unfriendly for me climatic conditions, which in the long run are an extreme challenge for me.

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