Year in the USA.

by - 9:21 PM

Yesterday, to my great surprise and disbelief, I received a bit strange and unusual proposal from one of the international language schools, that is - an one year travel to the United States was offered to me. Twelve months in fabulous California. The Sun, beach, ocean, relaxation, touring, and in addition language course ending with the certificate appreciated at the best world universities. New experiences, new friendships, new horizons, everything new... American dream which is just coming true in reality. This is the life!
One could think, that only stupid wouldn't take it. After all it's an offer not for the rejection. Someone's biggest dream. Yeah. Of course, for many people such a travel is the greatest dream. And in my case it was also the same. Actually since when I remember, I only had eyes for America. I read about it,  I searched for information, I wondered, how would it be to be there, and best to stay forever and never come back. If I got the same proposal even one year ago, I wouldn't hesitate neither a moment, but instead jumped up and down for joy up to the ceiling, not believing, that I was chosen. And now, at present... Not. It's not for me, my plans changed about 180°, I found my place in the world, place, where I am happy and safe, where I want to stay the longest as only it's possible, maybe forever... My small island oasis of peace... And these aren't United States. For many years I dreamt of the USA, and now, when the chance for such a travel came to me without doing anything, ironically - I don't want it, and what's more I can't imagine to take-off and stay in that place - from one side only, and on the other much - entire year. Maybe it sounds stupidly and irrationally, as rejection of the gift from the fate, the chance which can never come again, but well, this is the truth.

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