by - 10:53 PM

Maybe it's something human, maybe no, maybe it's something normal, and maybe abnormal... At least it's likely that more often or more rarely is meeting everyone... Today... It caught me. And really, it's not something pleasant - is able to lead to tears. Pure, overfilled with emotions and pain tears. Gallons of tears. And I don't know what's worse: these really helpless questions:  "For what? Why? For what do I exist? Who I actually am? If that all has a sense? If any time my dreams will come true?"... Or billions of swarming thoughts, painfully pinching the mind, the heart and the soul... Or maybe there's no worse and better... After all first and second is an evil. First and second is bringing sadness, suffering, feeling of the nothingness... First and second is leading to the shorter or longer sadness... Doubt is one of the worst things which can meet... Emptiness. Nothing. Suspension. Loneliness in myself. And tears. A lot of tears.

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