Letter to haters.

by - 12:30 AM

You can regard this post as a strange, ridiculous, "from the limited edition", or even as a stupidity. It's all the same. However whatever will be your opinion, it doesn't disturb me, seriously, because...
Today their own minute of the attention, for the first and the last time will receive... haters. This what an amazing group of several people, of mangy creatures which are accessing here only to find something, of what it's possible to stick with, to stupidly comment, to laugh or to try to use against me. If you think that the such behaviour is cool, that's ok, continue that thinking, but know that it isn't affecting me, because even if just only one person wanted to read this blog (and believe me, there's much more of them) which likes my posts and is spending own free time for reading them, I will write it, for myself and just for this person. I won't lock the side up, I won't resign it, anyway not from the reason a few haters which are very much bored and have nothing to do. Sad, right? And now, you bored creatures, fly to build your hurt ego anew, maybe you'll find better work for yourselves, I wish you good luck.

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