The past.

by - 10:01 PM

Past, for one is simply a past time, for other  something beautiful to what have a sentimental attachment, whereas for other is the nightmare which is coming back at nights, doesn't let lightly look ahead. There are also people which from various reasons still are coming back to this past, are attached like with ropes, chained like with shackles, thinking about it and aren't able to break free ahead. In every case so: stop! Unimportant what cause is, let's take a deep breath, relax, let's focus on something pleasant, spend the time with family and friends, love, what we like and let's stop living with what was. Break free. Let's stop looking into the back, just look at what is, what will come, because what in the past already happened it's over and done, was and will never come back! So leave the contemplation, because it in excess can only harm, limit, put into a cage, to destroy mood in the present time, or even revive painful memories. But for what? For what that all? After all we are worth the good life and the frame of mind, so let's not let something what a long time ago came off to history destroy something what can bloom as the beautiful flower, if only we give it the chance. Really, although each of us is carrying on own back the different, lighter or heavier accumulated experience, nobody deserved it, in order to something or somebody from the past, whatever it is, destroyed the here and now and the future for him! Everyone deserves smile and happiness!

In spite of many passages and experience I am happy, and you? ;)

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