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Not understood. Ridiculed. Simply unknown. Nostalgia. However... No, it's not an evil. No, it's nothing strange. No, it's not cosmos. And no, it's not illness.
Although frequent - confusing with depression is unfair and wounding. Depression is illness requiring healing by the psychiatrist and the psychologist, however the nostalgia doesn't require the healing, and is something completely normal, condition, emotion, sign of the emotional richness. Although it's used synonymously, a nostalgia isn't also melancholy which is far severer it's sister and lengthening in the time, may need therapy.
Fact that many times it's leading to sadness and tears for the very trivial reason, at thought about something what was, about place, person, song, taste, emotion, experience, gallons of tears are flowing into eyes, doesn't mean that it's good and normal to name nostalgic people oversensitive, with crybabies, because it's humiliating and  hurtful towards the persons full of emotion.
And you? What you think? Perhaps you are people, for which nostalgia is a middle name? I am and I'm not ashamed of it. If somebody of you also, be pleased and proud, because it's not a reason to shame, not everyone is able to such a strong and subtle feelings in one.

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