Friendship for (dis)advantage.

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Didn't you notice, that now, in the 21st century, in supposedly civilised world, there's surprisingly terrifying "trend" of making friendship, not because somebody feels sympathy for someone, not because is interested in this person, but just because of disliking or even hating? I don't know what you think about it, but for me it's ill, that somebody can generally speaking think about the intentional closeness with the other man, about getting his or her trust, knowledge, often unavailable to the just any person "from the street", through the long time competently play with the mask of pseudo good colleague or even a friend, to next use it in the nasty and devious way, to ruin psyche, frame of mind, relations with others, to harm the good opinion, give secrets away, make private matters available for third parties, completely strangers, adding own false words to it, create rumours, build actions, many times accruing to the rank of harassing, put in the worst possible light, simply, shortly talking, on purpose to act on the biggest disadvantage of the person with which earlier they lived in seemingly for her good relations, as a vampire good friends, just to with her/his cost achieve as the biggest profits and benefits to oneself as it's possible, because "from the day for the day" a trumped-up reason was (which actually doesn't exist) in order to start the machine of hate and to make that more interesting and funny for the aggressor - mixing into it more and more outsiders, triggering the more and more huge storm, with hope to the effective finish and psychological breakdown the victim. However, actually there's in very big quotation marks naming "people" which acts in the described before way. Because after all best is to destroy somebody, and then shift the entire blame on this person.
Do you know it? Did you encounter such a phenomenon? And perhaps at one time you were, or even now you are something's like that victims? Yes? No? Or perhaps you know somebody who has it, had? Hmm?
Such psychopeople, whether we realize it, or no, they are among us, therefore it's worthwhile having wide opened eyes and ears, to observe and think whom we are letting enter into our life, whom we are telling about ourselves, who is having access to us, whom we trust, because the admission of wrong people can be really painful and very saltily payed.
However what, if it's already too late and such a virus got to our being a quite healthy organism before, life? What's obvious, it's impossible to move back the time, so what to do then? What to do to make it better, rather than worse? So irrespective of, how it is hard for you, how difficult you have your situation in life generally, or triggered by such unpleasant action, don't let break you down. Really, I realize that it's damned difficult, can seem simply impossible, but I'm conscious what I'm writing, I know what's it, because I have such experience behind me, otherwise I wouldn't write about it, I never give my opinion to subjects about which I don't have even the smallest knowledge. So concretely. Don't let the attacking creature to destroy you. He or she knows about you much, much too much, when shouldn't know literally nothing. Unfortunately. But well, it happened, you won't turn it away. Therefore now you have to demonstrate the huge inner strength, because remember, you are never alone, there's always somebody about whom you care and who cares about you, you have passions, dreams, you have a lot of reasons to live, for what to be happy. So fight. Fight for yourself, your head up, because irrespective of what bad things the person wanting to destroy you says, you are somebody reputable, who doesn't have time for wasting valuable moments on such repulsive types, seriously. Breast ahead, chin up, smile to the face and go ahead of yourself, forget about tears, worries, for something like that, it isn't worthwhile, keep it to real tragedies, (which better to never happen), not to such pieces of rubbish, because your tears, your sadness are only motivation for the assailant, and I don't think so you want to give him or her satisfaction, right? Your smile and joy will knife the deceitful man, for which leading you to the bottom is a point of honour. Don't let it be, really. Although difficulties, you will get by. Smile :)
It's sad that nowadays it's so much difficult to find trustworthy people, with which it's possible to talk about everything calmly and without anxieties about own "being", freely knowing, that this somebody won't want to ruin our life, even though we've done nothing bad for that person... But well, there's no other solution, like only last constantly vigiling, to take lessons and conclusions from the life, to keep caution, be happy with what we have, not fraternizing with persons, which the life didn't let us to test on neutral "land", whether are really worth our trust, or not.
And believe your intuition, it contrary to appearances really is able sometimes to wisely advise and help with many matters ;)

Good luck :)

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