Coz you don't think I know how you lie.

by - 9:14 PM

You think that I don't know how you're acting? You think that I'm enough stupid in order to overlook how you are lying? How are you whirling? How you're pretending to get attention to yourself  and play a born loser, poor martyr? If yes, I'm congratulating the intelligence. Even the halfwit would decipher your scams. Woman, whether you are normal? You're talking alone to yourself, imitating the innocent, trying to burden groundless accusations other, simulating all possible illnesses, you are playing the most injured in the world, you think that you'll burden it for 'inconvenient' persons, and the same time the ones which can see what you're doing most willingly would send you to psychiatric hospital. OMG, girl, it's time to come off to the trip to the psychiatrist, cause probably only what you are sick, is a lack of the brain. I didn't bother for writing 'of you' and 'you' with great letters (that's the rule in Polish), because this principle is regarding only and only exclusively respected people, and you aren't deserving it. You are deleted. Closed ward for mentally ill is waiting.

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