The crying game.

by - 6:11 PM

I'm more and more often under the impression that a life is one great game. People are hidden behind million of appearances, are covering the face with hundreds of masks, often cheating themselves, killing the true personality, at all costs wanting to become an ideal in other's eyes... The question usually reads as follows: For what? For what it all? Maybe behind this something deeper is hidden? Perhaps there's some reason? We're putting a brave face on it, we are smiling, dying inside... We're strangling, concealing 'ME', creating the illusion of the perfect life, of beautiful idyll... Without sadness, tears, problems, destroying mentally people. Yes, we are getting by with many obstacles, bucking up in ourselves, and then defeating them with strength of the atom bomb, or little steps, everyone in his/her own way... However of man - parasite it won't be possible to rub it off like the pencil picture... He/she causes that man hasn't willingness. Hasn't willingness to life. A meaning, ambitions, hopes, faith are losing everything, are disappearing. Black appears. Overwhelming black emptiness. By such an energy vampire even the most seemingly cheerful and smiling person can't cope... When is staying alone, without the audience, crowd, nerves are letting go, masks are falling, tears are flowing... Emotions are getting the upper hand... Every night belongs to them. Next again it's necessary to pull oneself together and to wade, to get lost in the lie, into the lie, of which every day is a property, to lie to oneself that is somebody happy and smile from ear to ear... As far as a consecutive night will come. This way a life of many people is rolling in search for the freedom, of hope that it'll be at one time better the time will come, when it won't be necessary to persuade oneself of happiness. 

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