Full of motivation.

by - 1:34 PM

After a few weeks of leaving the blog on its own, of not adding anything here I'm coming back without the bad news and complaining! Something unusual like to the current subject matter of added entries, right? ;)

The novelties are, that in spite of the multitude of events, less and more satisfactory which since the certain time meet me, of autumn and winter walking fast, the plenty of duties and the learning, my mood is more and more good, I'm feeling even better than in holidays! Energy, jollity, I'm motivated to maximum for reaching for what I'm dreaming of and I've always dreamt. I believed, that that's all possible, nothing, of what it isn't possible to get, if really want it! Now I know that I can. I know that I won't give up. I know that I will manage! Because it's my purpose, it's my life! World is standing open before me! You can say, that I can't manage, that I'm a dreamer, but don't delude yourselves, you won't destroy me. That's you are weak. You don't have a faith, not I. So there is a difference between us. Life is beautiful and will be more and more beautiful. I have only one miracle and I won't waste it. 
And you worry yourselves, lose beautiful moments at bad thoughts.

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