Extremely annoying man.

by - 9:19 PM

Through last days the level of my irritation continues on the very high level, I could straight out say it reaches the zenith. And what's the reason? Yes, like title's saying certain the exceptionally irritating type of the man, that's the narcissus. The loved person simply must, but he/she must boast, to show off, to radiate intelligence, actually the stupidity and... Yeah. He/she thinks that is cool, and with this time doing nothing else, as soon as is irritating of everything around. Thinks that is super, however rapidly surroundings is an ordinary clown which is suffering to the self-admiration, as a result of what in the end officially is becoming a laughing stock, at least probably drowning in glitter of his/her ideal even doesn't notice it. Supposedly it should for me be unpleasantly, but... Such a pearl deserved. I simply love people which regard best, most beautiful, cleverest oneself and only oneself and at all very superlatives, regarding one's person as the highest divinity, professing the policy 'look at me everyone!' Mmmm I adore them -.-

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