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Start living a normal life! Like any normal woman your age! You should start a family and have kids, not live in a fairytale! What you imagine?! Get real, girl!!!


I thought that the times when women were considered only chickens to keep at home and lay eggs, with no opinion of their own and the right to do what they loved, had long since passed with the wind. And yet not. But it still goes on. It's the Middle Ages still dancing in the minds of many people and... This fact is terrifying.

There's no week when I don't listen to the same song from someone, that my life is not life, that it's abnormal, that I'm wasting my time, that I should do something with myself, that my life is slipping through my fingers... EXCUSE ME?! Oh, it would if I was sitting in a cage doing what people expect me to do.


We don't live in the era of the Disney princesses, where the only purpose of the lives of young women was to get married, run a house and give birth to a bunch of children, which was a real indicator of happiness and fulfillment of dreams. Of course, which girls have such a vision of their future, let them go towards their goal and great, I wish them the all best, but... It would be cool if society finally pulled together and understood that for some people life is traveling, is a career, it's about growing and making dreams come true other than diapers, toys and teethers. So hard to accept someone else's choices, a different path? Judging by the behavior of people - I think so.

It was enough that yesterday I put a photo with a baby on an Instagram story once and admitted that its presence irritated me terribly. I didn't write anything about other kids, did not add that I hate kids, nor did I say anywhere that I never want to have them, and a wave of hatred and disgusting, insolent comments from some users have already spilled over me. Is it normal? Not. Summarizing the situation directly, some have serious problems with accepting a different point of view of another person, sometimes so large that it manifests itself as aggression, which strongly smells of mental disorders, or to put it mildly, deviations and intolerance.


Getting into the panties and belly of a woman you are not is, to put it mildly, distasteful. This is simply not acceptable, unless you are a human being without feeling and even a little bit of good manners. Why do people have problem to me? Because of my job? Lifestyle? Personality? Most likely yes. Because it is incomprehensible to them, unreachable, because they have never even licked what I am doing.

Yes, I know that my friends, and even younger ones, already have kids. I know they are pregnant. And what? Honestly - I'm not interested in that. I never was. When I see photos in social media with huge bellies or ultrasound images, I don't spend a minute on them, because I don't care and it is as significant for me as last year's snow (which, by the way, actually did not appear around me at all).

And no matter how much pressure will be placed on me by society, that at my age I should not approach life the way I do, that it's time for kids, not living with head in the clouds, I will do my own thing anyway, because I have my priorities and I am little interested in whether others agree with them or not.


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