Sweet chocolate

by - 9:20 PM

Do you try your best, do everything the best you can, and yet still have the impression that you are not good enough, that you don't meet someone's requirements, don't stand up to the challenge? 

Are you fed up with this? That's good, because whether it'll be better depends only on you... And not on your intensified efforts and strenuous pursuit of the ideal at all. 

Wanting to be constantly on top, you have probably already noticed that the more you try, the more and more people don't see you good, right? And what about this? You're probably even more trying to be what they want, huh? 
Many people run after others to shine in their eyes, gain their favors, please and be appreciated, and as a result they feel the most underestimated creatures in the world. Why? Exactly because they would jump into the fire, to make anyone appreciate them, as well as people consider them the good, great, beautiful and talented, completely forgetting that in fact pleasing everyone with everything doesn't exist and has no right to exist. 
People will always talk, complain, compare and slander other people, and chasing them will definitely not lead to anything good, especially not to improvement of mental health. Well, unless someone would eagerly get depressed, which is rather doubtful thing. 
If you want to please everyone so much, turn into chocolate and let them eat, and believe me, you will still hear that they prefer a different kind after all. So remember, you are not a delicacy, you don't have to be liked by everyone... Stop running after people and focus on yourself, appreciate yourself for who you are, and you will never feel underappreciated.

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