Magical sense

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It's no news that I have had an extremely sharp intuition since childhood, most human beings are open books for me, and psychology is one of my favorite fields.
Few, however, know that for some time I have also been working with... Tarot. And no, I don't wear a headscarf, a gypsy dress, and I don't cast spells or play with a crystal ball.

Black magic.

For most people, tarot is witchcraft, occultism, satanic practices, and other forbidden miracles. Something that shouldn't be done, something that messes with your head and has nothing to do with reality, but only... Illegally gets money from those who believe, which makes me laugh so much, because most of those who do it, don't read for earnings, but for getting to know themselves and sensitizing their intuition.
Well, but... After all, what can cards with several pictures tell you. If you have no clue about them, you're right - they won't tell you anything.

There are many superstitions, sayings and beliefs from human unawareness on the subject of tarot, causing unjustified fear in many people. People are afraid that it is just a sin, magic, that it will harm and bring evil, that the voice of the devil speaks through cards. Every time I hear it, I can't believe that you can think that at all, so a short explanation - it's not a prayer or calling ghosts, hello 😉

In fact, reading cards is interpreting them based on the gut feelings that come when you uncover each one. It is communication with your own intuition, training your own sixth sense, and in the simplest way, listening to yourself and getting to know your psyche, your consciousness and subconsciousness, and with a high probability helping someone who is struggling with a problem, who is terrified by some question, or is at a crossroads and has no idea what to do with themselves.

Contrary to beliefs, nothing bad ever happened to anyone, no one ever made a life mistake, on the contrary - those who approached the topic without irritation and kept the tips in mind, managed to avoid many unpleasantries. People benefited, I got to know myself even better, I found out that my intuition really has the power and, often following its voice, I came out unscathed from confusing situations. And Satan, devil and other demons have not visited anyone.

Before I started practicing, I also had some concerns if it made any sense at all, but I quickly found out that it did. Not only cognitive, but also relaxing, it opens the mind, often is a great entertainment, especially when reading to someone you know, and in the company of aromatic candles and stones like amethysts, crystals or moonstones, a unique atmosphere and relaxation guaranteed!

I recommend it with all my heart, it's worth trying, it's nothing wrong, and a bit of white magic in life will never hurt ✨


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