Six Blogging Years! 💕

by - 9:06 PM

Today it has been SIX YEARS since I started my blog! Six years since this blog you are reading now, was brought to life, since the first letter, the first dot, the first photo were added. Ever since it was given its name and character. In fact, the old name doesn't exist for a long time already, but what the first steps were, will stay in my memory forever! 🤩

Over the years, not only has my blog changed, but also its author, me, has changed. I have undergone many metamorphoses, both physical and mental, I have fought stalking, I've overcome my insecurities, I have fought my weak points, I've traveled half the world, I have started and continue my beloved career as a flight attendant, have moved many times, and now I live in a sixth country, not only in Europe , I conquered the skies, I got the job in the most prestigious aviation companies on the world market, I gained priceless experience, I started to be active in social media, had wedding fashion modeling sessions behind me, I am still growing as a human, but also... I don't put aside writing. What will the future bring...? I will keep it for myself for now 🤭

If over the years of my activity I got your sympathy, stay with me, I still have a lot to tell! 🥰

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