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I used to write about originality in everyday life, as a human, but if you are interested in this topic, I invite you to review previous posts, because today it's not gonna be about it.
Quite long-lasting observations made me openly refer to a concerning phenomenon that appeared in the blogosphere, concretely,  to plagiarism. More and more often, I can see that on many blogs in a short period of time appear confusingly similar to each other posts, if not exactly identical. Meeting with something like that, I feel embarrassed, because to put it mildly, copying someone else's work is cheeky and rude. Apart from the fact that expropriating other person's intellectual property is a lousy thing and people who do it represent a really low level, plagiarism is primarily theft. The same as stealing something from a shop or a car from the parking lot. Theft is a theft, and a man who is divesting someone of something they have created on their own is an ordinary thief.
I myself was in a situation when a certain girl started a blog and rewrote actually all of my content, including my description of myself, and changing only the name for her own. Information about it came to me shortly after that person started spreading her website in social media, writing that she finally experienced a shot of creative inspiration and fulfills her dream of running her own blog... There were people who quickly caught the cheating delinquent, noting a shocking resemblance to the content on my site. It lasted few weeks, hundreds of versions of her explanations, that she only got inspired and didn't want to copy my texts (but she exactly did it word to word), luckily after several interventions her blog disappeared in the abyss of nothingness and didn't show up anymore and she received a stream of unfavorable opinions and bitter words from people who had read her "work".
So a few words to those who went through such a business, or just plan it... Think before you do this, because you won't achieve any success, and the theft of content created by someone else sooner or later comes to light, and your image, especially as bloggers, will be ruined, especially that intellectual property is protected by law and any violation of it, may result in more or less serious consequences, and rather nobody needs it, right?

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