Born To Fly

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Some people from an early age grow up in the belief that they will sacrifice their lives to work on board the aircraft. Just feel that they are made for it, that they were born to fly and can't imagine following any other path than this one. 
Others, at some point, realize that the job of a stewardess or steward simply interests them more than all other professions, they would like to try, but... They are afraid, don't know how, whether they are fit to that and what's the most important - where and how to start.

And how was it with me? What made me become a flight attendant? Did I know from the beginning that I wanted to work among clouds in the sky and followed my heart as long as I achieved it?
Well, no. Although since I remember, whenever I was on various occasions at the airport (and I traveled quite often), I stood by the window looking at the airplanes with admiration in my eyes, as if they were angels who just came down from the sky, being on board felt like in paradise, and additionally was a person who the structure and operation of almost all types of existing passenger aircraft in the world and the history of air accidents and disasters knows inside-out, I would never have thought before that I would fly, however not as a passenger, but as a cabin crew. And believe me or not, if anyone even a year ago told me that I will fulfill myself today, living literally in the sky, I would have laughed and told a man to go and see the doctor, because I think they're crazy. And yet, today I am, I'm flying, enjoying life and admire the view of the earth from a bird's eye view. So how did it happen that I decided to apply for recruitment to airlines? The story is simple and not too complicated, even quite light and a bit funny, because... To try my strength in the aviation, made me... Just one song! Yes, exactly like that, on a sunny day my headphones played a holiday (no, absolutely not Despacito, which I sincerely hate, and I know that for most of you it was the first picture of "holiday song" ) and suddenly in front of my eyes I had a vision of myself, walking through the airport in uniform and with a suitcase in my hand. Moment after that, a hurricane started to swirl in my mind, that maybe it is something for me, that maybe I should try, check myself, because I always liked to fly, actually I loved it a lot, but I didn't think about the stewardess profession, although I could. I had the good conditions, the passion, and yet never before such an idea appeared on my mind, even for a moment.
And so I started looking for the websites of various airlines in search of recruitment announcements for the cabin crew position, until finally I found something good for a beginner who has never worked in this field before, I sent my CV, soon afterwards to my great surprise I got an invitation to a multi-stage Assessment Day, which, as it turned out later, ended successfully for me and... This way with the e-mail notifying about the results of the recruitment process that came to me after eight long days of waiting and led to tears flowing from my eyes and making me cry like a baby - my flying adventure began, which very soon has become my way of life. 
Some time ago I couldn't imagine myself as a flight attendant, today I can't imagine going through life by any other way than this air and winged one. Now aviation is a part of me, something that is my oxygen, my blood and propulsion. Flying is something that gives me power, what allows me to fly up and something about what I have serious plans for the future. Because my wings are just starting to spread. 
As you can see, sometimes it's enough to take one impulse, one step to discover a calling of life. 
It was just so short time ago when I was crawling in the Irish airlines, and now I'm in the process of changing the board for the one of much higher rank, and which airline has taken me under its wings? You will find out soon ✈️

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