Blogger's Life.

by - 5:47 PM

What does the blogger's life look like? Is it a fairy tale from unreal reality? Do they live like anyone else? Or is it simply tiring?

Those questions at first sight may seem insane. After all, a blogger is an ordinary person, the same as everyone who lives and breathes. And yet, I have heard these questions many many times in person, or I've read somewhere on internet forums.
So how does it really look like? Fairy tale? Ordinariness? Hassle? Is it continuous running in search of inspiration, new topics, information, places for photos? Or... As many people think, a blogger is a person who sits at home on the butt and does nothing at all, and once in a while, writes something on the laptop, throw it into the internet and that's all?
And the truth is, at least from my experience, it's neither one nor the other. There is no mad pursuit of finding a "good background" for photos, or ripping out the veins to find inspiration, even if forced, or sitting on the butt and doing nothing. There is calm, no pressure, if I have time and a good idea for a new text, I write it, and pictures... Do they always have to be done on the same day or week when the article is added? Of course not. If I followed the principle of "New post, fresh photo", I suspect that I wouldn't have ran a blog at all, especially combining it with work and family, I would only kill my mind with thinking where to go to "make a great photo today"... And yet having the own website isn't about turning it into obsession that becomes more important than all other matters. On my blog there are photos from different periods of time, one day I took it a day before adding to the blog, another month or even a year before, because I found them in the gallery and I liked them so much that I decided to publish them.
The same goes about inspiration, do I scrabble the depths of the Internet or meditate to find the inspiration? No. On the contrary, everything I write about here has a direct connection with my life, it's based on my personal experience and nothing is taken "from the air". In my planner, there is a list of dozens of topics, which I want to describe here and I know I will do it. Sometimes the idea comes under the impulse of the moment, sometimes it's saved in a notebook and waits weeks for me to find enough time to publish it, because on the contrary to what some people think, creating a blog posts doesn't take a few minutes, just sketching the Polish version takes a lot of time, then once more time to translate it into an alternative English version, so that every reader could understand, where all that needs to be put between the activities and duties of everyday life.
This is how the blogger's reality looks like. It's neither filled to the brim with black nor covered with brocade. Oh, the life of an ordinary man, not any fairy or magical creature who, apart from everyday life, still has a passion that doesn't give up despite adversity.

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