Life, life!

by - 10:09 PM

"You really want it?" "I can't believe" "How can you change something all the time?" "I would be afraid" are words that I hear almost every day. It's commonplace, like bread and butter.
People are surprised that I change something constantly, there is always something new in my life, something disappears, everything ceases to be the same as it was, with me and with places of my residence including. Greece, Poland, tomorrow England, in a few months Paris, maybe Egypt, or even the Arab Emirates or Qatar. Me without changes isn't me, and living in one place... Would be terribly boring.
For many people, my willingness to change literally everything is something like a unicorn strolling freely on the street. They are unable to understand and wonder how you can easily move to the other end of the world, enjoying your new home as a child. And for me? The more that place was unreachable for me before, the more attractive the opportunity is now. Besides, in connection with the work on board the aircraft, being in another country every day unearthly feeds the appetite for more and more. And life is too short to stop it in monotony and not add all the colors of the rainbow. The more varieties, the better and that's all!
So the questions "How can you do that?" or "Aren't you afraid?" are a bit funny, because ... No, I'm not scared. On the contrary, such changes and experiments work on me like a real aphrodisiac. This is the whole sense to get to know, try, experience and develop on various levels, both life and geographic. And to be honest, I don't understand people who are afraid to look beyond the borders of their city, and at the very thought of any changes they shake as if they were naked in the Antarctic. Maybe I have an unusual approach to life and expect something different than most of people, but that's the way it is, I'm fine with it and I'm not going to change anything about it, because what I survive is mine and nobody will take it away from me.

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