...Just Travel!

by - 11:19 PM

What are travels for you? Entertainment, relaxation or just an interesting way to spend your free time? For a lot of people trips, are just a switch to a "relax mode" and nothing else. It's time to relax and forget about the whole world, that's what.
In contrast, for me, it is much more than leisure, an opportunity to chill out or other trivial things. For me, traveling is a job, it's a way of life and, above all, it's a part of me. Thanks to this I can be really myself, express my true self, the atmosphere in my soul. Unlike most people who drive, fly, or wander around the world to have fun and relax, in my eyes a journey is a synonym of life!
Why? Because I'm following the three principles: if something good happened, travel to celebrate it. If something bad happened, travel to be reborn. If nothing happened - travel to make it happen! Simple, isn't it?
Travels, trips (or rather, in my case, flights), are a medicine and a golden mean for everything. For the celebration, for happiness, for pain, for nothingness - always reliable.
So why to sit at home and waste your life for being in one place when you can fly, explore and spend wonderful moments all around the world? Isn't it better to get a grip and start to really live and breathe the full air from the various nooks of the Blue Planet?

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