Free Zone.

by - 11:06 PM

Fatigue, burnout, complete lack of power, irritability, depressive mood and generally speaking - black hole. If you are now experiencing this "storm of hormones", it means only one thing - time to renew your body and spirit!
Work, home, children, studying, a lot of duties... It can overwhelm and sometimes only a few worse days are enough to get completely out of power. Regardless of how old you are, whether you work, study, take care of the house or everything at once, such a hole can catch everyone, especially if you live in a place where the gray autumn weather with almost everyday rainfall doesn't improve your mood nor humor, doesn't add energy and even implements a rather depressive mood. Then it's not difficult to become a lazy teddy bear, or on the contrary, a ticking bomb to which it's scary to approach because it explodes for no reason. If you feel that you are balancing on the edge of the knife and one step further, and you lose control, it's the time to distance yourself. Find your safety zone, where you will be able to cut yourself off from stress, overload of information (especially those unnecessary) for a moment, calm your mind and stay alone with yourself. This place depends only on you, whether it will be your home, with a warm blanket, hot drink or with a bath full of foam, or you decide to take a short trip somewhere far away (or near), it's important that you feel good. Create your protective bubble somewhere between everyday life and dreams, where you'll be able to cleanse yourself from negative thoughts, emotions and fatigue.
Don't listen to people who say that in life it's not needed to rest and you have to constantly run with the speed of life without a moment of respite. It's not true. Because man is not a robot. Everyone needs a moment of relaxation and oblivion, for their own health.

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