Tattoo on the soul.

by - 11:55 PM

It is already decided. After the long time of uncertainty and anxieties, I made up my mind, I took a definitive, awaited and immutable decision. Yes. At last I can say it out loud - I will have a tattoo.
Something what roamed on my mind and in the heart for a few years, will finally come true. It's not only a sign on the body, but also extremely important symbol which will get into my soul forever. Something what's very close to me, what many times, after many falls helped me to stand up and to go ahead, confident and full of powers. On my skin, something only mine, personal, mysterious, of what only I know the real meaning, will come into being.
Unfortunately, for the safety reasons I have to postpone the realization date of this small dream for a few next months, but if necessary, then necessary, I can't risk, there are some priorities which it's necessary to put first. However there's luck in leisure and after all, the perfectly prepared plan will take place. I can't wait of both, the passing of these few months, and the new part of me. It will be a new beginning of everything.

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