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This is the end of the silence.
Yes. I was a victim of the stalker. However maybe I should say still I am. After all I don't know, whether my oppressor already gave up, whether still is plotting in secret, although everything speaks for this second. So it looks like the fact that I will have to still wait for real breath. How long? I don't have a clue.
Yes. For a few last years I had a stalker. A person which didn't actually know me didn't let me normally, calmly live. Even today I don't know what's the reason, why she chose just me and most probably I will never know. I'm not able to explain rationally why I became an object of her obsession and ill delusions. Why she decided to follow me, to spy, to track every my step. Why I became an object of her sobotage, of harassing, slandering, rumours and harrying. For what a reason such a monster started doing everything in order to with force enter into my life. Why it actually started to live with my life. Why such a person started to emulate me, to copy... Why? There is million of questions "why". All remain the imponderable. For all only this creature knows the reply.
Entire years of torment, precariousness and anxieties. What will be next, what else will invent, what can I expect, if I am safe, what to do in order to protect myself and people close to my heart. Multiple hope that this nightmare is already finished, that this paranoia came to an end. Unfortunately - hopes were misleading. Every time silence set in, it turned out to be the calm before the storm. The calm before the storm and still waters run deep. Yes, these are perfect terms of the situation. And after silence... Next attacks took place and next facts came to light. The person completely mentally unstable and with strong personality disorders, plus probably apart from that with the fairly big collection of complexes, not-knowing limits neither moderation, followed me. In spite of all tries of total dissociation, of setting up a barricade - she tracked every smallest, even only putative trace of me. It was unbearable.
Yes. I know what it stalking, I survived it for a few years and I am dreaming that such terror comes to an end. Limits are about to break, perhaps it is already a time, so that justice has been done.
I recommend nobody such a hell. I wish for no man must fight in his life with stalker which doesn't have own life and wants to destroy someone's.
Despite everything, my psyche started becoming stronger and and stronger and the endurance grew enough that I am able to smile, to laugh, to live normally, to function and to be pleased with every my day, because I have a lot of reasons to happiness and joy. And I know one thing for sure - this person will never manage to achieve her goal.

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