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When one day someone strange for the first time told me they had recognised the author of this blog in me, the blogger, I was surprised. Even very much surprised. It was a quite big shock for the person accustomed for tacit life in the shadow of oneself. I remember that for a few days later it still made me happy and evoked the smile on my face just by thinking.
First such an episode took place about a year ago, what looking from the present-day perspective is a sizeable piece of the time. From that moment many moments passed... Days, weeks, months... Life was going calmly, with normal mode, as far as... Such situations started to repeat, to grow with power, gaining bigger and bigger reach.
At present, here and now something incredible happens. At least in my eyes something incredible, because despite everything still I didn't become accustomed to different than through the majority of my life situation, that is... I can't believe, that as it turned out, the plenty of persons scattered all over the world, coming from and living in various countries, know whom I am, know and recognize me very well, what many times I was already surprised by, when during trips and not only a strange man came to me, started a conversation or asked for the photo together.
What kind of feeling is it? Great shock, surprise and a little anxiety. After all who would expect such the turn of events? Whatever way to look - certainly not I. In the end a question is still resounding through the mind: but how is it possible? How is it possible that abroad know about my being far more of people than in the native country? I don't know, but I'm pleased with it. It is something happy what sometimes causes that I smile and the nice surprise from the life. Who knows, what will happen in a few years, perhaps it is only a beginning of the wonderful adventure.

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