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For as long as I can remember I didn't understand, I don't understand and I will never understand people which are obsessed with someone. People which act like the zombie, like they had brain devoured. Complete lack of the mind, not to mention the own life. Characters which chose innocent victims and are doing everything to impersonate their life, to stalk, to spy, to copy. They don't have a clue what is respect to the other man, by force are meddling where no one wants them. Reasons of their action are often unknown, sometimes unreciprocated love is a culprit, sometimes the revenge, though most often the solution of a riddle is simple: jealousy, resentment and complexes. Huge, irresistible desire for assuming someone's life, of being like this somebody. Person ill about someone usually thinks, that if becomes a better version of his victim, will be super, however forgetting that it is unfeasible. Such people can't see the man, they can see the object. The target which they want to destroy or to become him. Instead of to focus on themselves and improving own life, of work so that honestly it becomes better, they prefer to become parasites and for days on end, weeks, months not to say years to spy and to follow the person, they are obsessed with, who is all the world for them, and want to know everything about her, to become better than this person is and many times additionally to harm such innocent man which never did anything to them.
What is the logic and the sens in this - I don't know. If at any time somebody will explain to me the ill acting of such psychopaths (it's impossible to call them another way), I will be eternally grateful to him and I will give the Nobel Prize, because it really is inconceivable, how is it possible to fall so low.

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