Dark colors.

by - 9:59 PM

Don't delude ourselves. Life isn't easy. It never was. And will never be. A lot of difficult times in it, many times more than of the happy ones. Every man is going through own maze, and it's huge challenge. Is coming across a lot of logs under legs, even is falling down, is falling into holes and often doesn't know, how to find the way out of the situation. In so the way exceptionally easily is just to fall into the mental block. It's easy to start noticing world pessimistically, seeing everything black, having belief that only black and white exist, and nothing in the head except that. It's a trap which is waiting for everyone. Everyone being on the bend, can without the greater difficulty spin in this for belief, and then already only step to lodging in sadness and persuading oneself of it, even if the situation is starting getting well. It just consists in it, probably we all know saying "after the storm a sun always comes out" however unfortunately, sometimes if this way it's happening, there are people which aren't able to notice it, to accept and to enjoy life, because their pessimistic attitude is preventing them from getting happiness, and if they only changed it, could be far happier than they are affording themselves. I suppose it isn't difficult to notice, that optimists even in very difficult situations they are able to be and are happy, are enjoying life, but first of all are healthier than persons seeing world in dark colors and set to everything, as worst. Yes, attitude has intense influence on our health and life, therefore it isn't worthwhile being eternally "on no". Perhaps so it is worthwhile a little bit changing the attitude and start noticing something what so far was rejected? 😉

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