The most loyal fans.

by - 12:34 AM

There's so much talking about hates, haters, more and more bigger wave of venom which is flooding especially young, ambitious people and the ones which achieved some success, have a good life. Haters are nowadays such a large population that it's calmly possible to mark them as the new breed of the human. They are actually everywhere, are lurking in almost every sphere of the life. They are able to destroy and to crush in their talons one kind of people, and the other hate is hoisting to their height.
And why it happens this way? First, the important principle and the priceless knowledge, admittedly, that hater is just a prettier name of ordinary, common jealous man which doesn't know what is supposed to do with oneself, if to take the own life, is drowning in complexes, doesn't deal with own feelings, coz of what day by day growing frustration which gradually with each passing day is turning into more and more big anger and hate to the entire world, in particular to people which are having both feet on the ground, are happy and don't hesitate to reach for the dream success.
However truth as world known: hates = is envying and has grudge against oneself, that is sitting in the hole, and somebody is climbing after the ladder of the life like on wings. The ones which realize it very well, the level of hate and gossips about them from persons even unknown for them, can without anxieties and regard as the measure of own achievements.
Probably very much it is hard to find the answer to a question why people which live with grey reality and didn't do nothing, and what's more are losers and nothing finishes successfully for them, don't have even a little problem entitled "haters", even though a pretext would be, right? Oh yes, certainly it is reply exceptionally difficult to find.
Hater is the creature as simple as the structure of the flail - as more hate, as more is spitting venom, as more is envying that person. Therefore if you are a susceptible individual to rude words, head up. If you have stubborn haters, know that you made a success of something, that you aren't indifferent, on the contrary - you are arousing the interest.
He says that doesn't like, eh? Says that he hates, hmm? Says that isn't interested, hm? Yeaaah... Certainly, of course. Doesn't like, hates, doesn't care about you, you just don't exist, but day after day with red cheeks follows what new happens in your life. Hmm... Very interesting. So be pleased - you have the most loyal fan which for all the world won't leave you, won't skip any single one gossip about your life, and if you create something - you have a free, 24-hour, everyday employee which is doing the free advertising for you. Head up, these are only simple jealous people without own life, and you are their inspiration. 😁

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