Now and here.

by - 10:03 PM

Truth know not since today, the human species likes the exaggerated contemplation, making plans for the future and chronical coming back with thoughts to the past. Fact, creating various dream scenarios for the future perhaps gives hope, is comforting, but whether not better, instead of living with the head totally in clouds, to focus on the present time? After all the biggest happiness of life mainly is hiding right, just here and just now. Knowing the life and people, at once I'm saying and I'm warning persons about quite shallow imagination, that "here and now" is no literal meaning one to one, so I hope that everyone will be able to understand the allusion...
Live man, live. Plan, dream, organize the time, arms for future, because it's beautiful and needed, but without the exaggeration, because you are risking overlooking many excellent things. Now you can also be happy, with the right person, in the right place, you can be pleased with what you already have and successively work to the better future and reaching the summit. In order in the future to be on the top of your dreams, you don't have to give up joys which are hiding in the present time. Live, love, be happy!

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