Copy - paste.

by - 3:51 PM

There's plenty of people in the world. Everyone is unique in own way. Everyone is different. Everyone is outstanding with something.
Stop. Not. Amendment - everyone should be unique and different. But what's sad, some to the own wish are giving it up. To the own wish they are depriving themselves of their uniqueness and the separatness. Why? Because they choose the irrational way of copying somebody else, desires for being as this person. It starts with the smallest elements as taking the same photos, selfies in social media and is finishes on the psychosis of stealing the entire life. Begins innocently, and can finish (and often finishes) with delusions and stalking, or even with something worse. Some people are choosing their victim from accident, because simply they liked something in this person other have an idol - not necessarily under the figure of the star, but it can be somebody whom for a long time know, they are observing and in eyes of human xerox machine this man is assuming the proportions of idol and celebrity the number one, of which it is necessary to become the living image, because is so cool, maybe even better than me, perhaps has something, what I don't have, perhaps reached something, what I don't have etc, so I must be as he or she and live with his or her life, or else then I will be super. But... For what? After all that's no use, and at least a good-for-nothing won't be from such an acts. Such a person probably wants to feel more appreciated, to feel somehow or other better, however acting so deceitfully certainly won't reach it. Will lose only on the personal uniqueness, stop being outstanding, to be oneself, and will become a copy, just a copy, and in addition worse copy of other person and will gain the contempt. Wouldn't it be better to stop and be oneself, and right people will appreciate whom they really are, instead of tearing everything from somebody and to become an object of sincere hate, or even a reason of the surroundings laughter? After all it isn't possible to eternally play someone's second skin, people will sense and will see the falsehood. Without the exaggeration, most important is to be able to accept oneself and feel it good living with love to oneself. Copying somebody, you are a monster, being yourself you are a butterfly. Be an original, not fake. Originals are priceless, fakes - worthless ;)

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