One place.

by - 8:08 PM

Whether it is possible to fall in love... With a place?
Id it's possible to appear somewhere by accident or no, to stand up, to open eyes and say "I fell in love"? Is it possible for an ordinary piece of Earth which for the all that mob of world can mean completely not, for one person to become entire small world? Somebody will say yes, somebody else no, but... You know what? Yes! It's of course possible, I will tell you even more. One place can change the entire life, even if at the beginning nothing is pointing at it. You know the saying "from love to hate one step"? And what, if from hate to love one step? I had situation like this, I was somewhere from the compulsion, I started to hate, and a year later, after the next comeback paid with litres of tears, towards my huge surprise and denying myself... I fell in love. People can talk a lot and certainly will do it. Because people as people, always have more to saying about somebody, than about theirself. They will complain, criticize and will have eternal "but". However, who will forbid them. Contrary to appearances not a man is choosing places, where feels well - but it's choosing the man. Here also works simple and for everyone well-known principle "heart not a servant". One person will stay devoted to the earth, where was born, other will fly out for the other end of world following own heart. I know the same from my experience. I heard a lot, about my choices, about the decision. Constantly only "and you felt bad in Poland? Where will you feel better than in your country? You will miss" etc. All the way to the boredom. It was like this through the long time and actually still it is. But I can say honestly once I've been surprised hearing from one of these magic persons, that waking up daily in such a place, with such views is something beautiful enviable. Hmm... Really in the end attempts to convince me to fulfil the faithfulness to Poland were supposed to come be finished? I hope, that yes, because I already decided. I can with a clear conscience admit, that yes, I fell in love in this place, in this country. I suspect that I'm not the only one which found heart in the piece of Earth, so most probably from the own life you also know well that sometimes the coup de foudre can lead for the other end of the world. And if somebody else will try to put off it, saying "forget, it's not for you, come back, or generally speaking don't leave", and really it is pulling you to spend life somewhere else, than you are now, simply don't give up. Don't let somebody decide instead you in such important cases, because places really are able to arouse passion and attach absolutely.

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