Dubai - Wealthy Bubble

by - 1:21 PM

What do you see when you think about Dubai?

Splendor, wealth, luxury, the highest buildings in the world, or the fact that it is a city built in the desert, an entirely artificial creation that emerged from nothing growing out of sand like a tornado?

Dubai is a place that attracts not so much tourists from around the globe as celebrities, stars, influencers and other internet and red carpet characters. Famous faces like to show off in this city as it's one of the most luxurious regions in the world and one of the most instagrammable spots on the planet. After all, it's here that gold and the most expensive champagne flows from all sides, and the pleasure never ends. Generally - Dubai is a perfect advertisement for all kinds of stars and starlets, because it has everything you need to promote yourself in social media...

Jet set, great views, city of miracles, glass skyscrapers, ubiquitous beauty, wide beaches, artificial islands and... Well, artificial (almost) everything. This place from its very origin is totally unnatural, fake, as if locked in a glass ball. It is actually a hermetic bubble, a cocoon surrounding and pampering, where most of the people staying longer, unfortunately, very quickly turn into equally artificial dolls, whose priority is to strive for fame, recognition and being "someone" on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube. It's extremely easy to lose yourself here, forget who you were when you came, lose important values, go in the wrong direction and... Stop growing. Dubai is a city that embraces, caresses the ego, allows you to feel like a VIP, earn money quickly and well and even faster, not wanting to be left behind, to waste all your savings. It's a somewhat unreal land that is addictive. It's so addictive that the longer you stay in it, the harder it is to quit. And when that moment finally comes, there is often a brutal crash with the real world, where not everything flows with gold and roses and many Dubai "celebrities" suddenly lose ground, because they didn't expect that outside the bubble life is completely different. It's a life that they have forgotten and refused to remember.

I got the opportunity to live in Dubai thanks to a job as a flight attendant at one of my airlines, Emirates. Wow, a dream come true, dream city, amazing adventure for a lifetime. It's a fact. Dubai is an extraordinary place and has its own charm, there is no other such place. It has a lot of advantages, great living conditions, my beloved airline, good earnings, entertainment at every turn, delicious food, it's one of the safest and most modern places on earth, the largest communication hub, especially for aviation, it's rapidly developing, many new products are created etc etc.

However, this city also has one huge disadvantage - FAKE.

As I mentioned above, Dubai is an artificial creation itself. However, this is not the biggest problem, but that it perfidiously changes people for the worse. It changes their personality. It changes their worldview, life attitude, their priorities and values. It changes them all. Consciously or not, they become fake dolls, creatures with a huge push for popularity, recognition, online fame and recognition in the local community, never parting with their smartphone and taking selfies around every corner. They want to be on top at all costs, become more beautiful and better, and become narcissists like no other, not looking at "ordinary" people, seeing themselves as better than others. Of course, not all of them are like that, I know a lot of people who live in Dubai, who this glass jungle has not turned into artificial evil, who still remain themselves, but unfortunately, in most cases, kore or less, this city leaves its luxurious mark on people...

Dubai is a wonderful place, a bit like a fairy tale, it gives many opportunities and privileges, but... The artificiality I described above is something that burns my heart. I can't pass by indifferently. I can't accept. I hate fake people. Anywhere.
And there are tons of them in Dubai. A lot of people who even tried to persuade me to become a top model and celebrity, otherwise I will be nobody...


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