Ramadan Kareem!

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Ramadan Kareem!

Happy, full of love, peaceful and blessed month of Ramadan!

As some of you may know, both in Turkey and in all Muslim countries, and in the hearts of many people around the world, Ramadan began a few days ago.

Holy month. Time for reflection, prayer, dedication and fasting.
Fasting from sunrise to sunset, which is actually the most distinctive feature of Ramadan.
It is now that Ezan resounding from the minarets of mosques can be heard more often, than ever throughout the year.
It is at this time that people wait for the sun to hide behind the horizon, to most often, together with their loved ones, enjoy Iftar, a festive, delicious meal carefully prepared during the day.

During Ramadan, life changes its course, time flows differently, whole cities function differently, shops are open for less time, and gastronomic spots, if they work at all, only serve take-out.

It is a holy, festive and most important month for millions of Muslims around the world, the only one in the year, a special one that is celebrated by almost all followers of Allah, regardless of whether they are religious and practicing on a daily basis or not.

Peaceful Ramadan to all Muslims!

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