Business Class

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Most large, prestigious and long-distance airlines offer their passengers the possibility of flights in business class and first class. In the zone for people who want to feel more comfortable, have more space and privacy than in the economy class and highest standards of service on board the aircraft. After such a trip, people usually leave the plane relaxed, calm, full and in a good mood... This is from the perspective of our passengers.
And what does a flight in business class look like through the eyes of a flight attendant?

We all start working in economy class. There is no way to get around it or jump over it. The economy is such a foundation, the stage from which every member of the cabin crew begins their career. Only later, working in the good airline, you can be promoted to business or first class service, but nothing at once, everything takes time and experience.

Looking from the side, you could say that there is not much to do in business, there are fewer passengers than in the economy, and in fact these people just want to relax, work on the computer or read a book, and the flight attendant only occasionally gives something to drink or eat, so they don't  work hard at all, because what an effort it is.

However, in fact it's not like that at all. It's not as easy as it seems. Working in business class, I also encountered many difficulties, with very specific passengers, and the work itself is not just smiling and looking after travelers from time to time.

To be able to start working in business at all, you need to undergo special training, learn luxurious service, preparing and serving meals, serving expensive alcoholic drinks, starters, desserts, arranging tableware, presenting the menu and many others, in accordance with all savoir vivre guidelines and maintaining the highest standards of service.

There are no plastics in business class. There are no cheap cups, plastic trays and cans. What matters here is elegance, class, top standard.

There is no chillout during the flight, there is no laziness, you have to work like a Swiss clock, constantly think two steps ahead, have everything buttoned up, perfectly prepared and arranged so that passengers can not only rest during the trip, not only to please the taste buds with meals, but also to satisfy the eyes of what is on their plates.

Before my first day in business, I was terrified. I was shaking like jelly, and my legs were made of cotton wool on my way to the flight. I felt that it would be a disaster, that I wouldn't be able to manage and that it would be a total failure. Luckily, despite my bad feelings and difficult start, everything was fine and with each another flight, when I was getting used to it - it was getting better and better.

Working in this zone gave me a lot of valuable experience, even though at first I felt lost like a little lamb and didn't count on ever finding myself there in a business class. There were many great moments, great memories, but I also didn't miss the unpleasantness of haughty, narcissistic stuffed shirts (read some passengers).

That bad? No. Not that bad. Yes, there were people from hell, celebrities and haughty people, but luckily not all of them. Such pearls happen everywhere, although it cannot be denied that here they are a bit more often than in economy...

I experienced everything, everything strengthened me, and most importantly... It opened the way for me to much better opportunities, which I hadn't even dreamed of when flying in business, and in no way I could imagine myself in the role for which the experience with silver class led me, for which now, in retrospect, I am extremely grateful.

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