STOP Privacy Violation

by - 11:21 PM

Some people love to meddle in somebody's affairs, get into someone else's bed, wallet... and many other things. Get into somebody else's personal life and be where they'retotally unwanted. As if they were writing someone's very detailed biography.
If just like me, you are heartily fed up with those who, despite suggestions and evasions, don't understand the message "Mind your own business", this short post is just for you.

Whoever knows me at least a little knows well that breaking into my private life by people with whom I'm not in any way close, getting into it without invitation, violating my personal space and trying to get any and every information without the slightest scruples and the shortest moment wondering if I agree to it at all is the best and most effective way to boil my blood and join the blacklist of people I have lost all respect for, and if a nosy creature tries hard, it can be just as quickly promoted to the top of the list of people I sincerely don't like because, well, to the great surprise of the spies, I don't agree to digging into my life, and I say big NO to sniffing and violating my privacy.

Many people think that standing up to such individuals is something bad, rude or mean, so whether they like it or not, they succumb to further pressure and still allow behaviors that they would like to get rid of their surroundings once and for all. However, no, it's not bad at all, putting a dot on the "i" and setting boundaries is not rudeness, it's not a sin or (on the contrary to unlimited breaking into someone's private or even intimate zone) an crying shame. On the contrary, telling such a person the truth to their face may be the only effective solution... Or not, if it's a completely hopeless case.

Remember that you don't have to confess to strangers, you don't have to explain all your relationships, feelings, earnings, plans, dreams, personal preferences and a whole lot of other things that strangers should stay away from. You don't have to justify yourself and answer questions that shouldn't be there at all. You don't have to apologize. You have the right to say a definite NO and set boundaries that must not be exceeded by those you don't allow of your free will.

Allusions don't work, the topic changes and end of conversations don't work too? Make things clear. By blocking toxic meddling, you save your privacy. You don't have to accept this breaking into your life.

Say NO.

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