My Turkish beginning

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Would you be surprised if I write that I would never expect to live in Turkey and that if anyone had told me something like that a year ago, I would have thought they were crazy?
Probably not, because I wrote and said exactly the same thing when I moved to every country I've lived in before... But well...
My surprise at the situation is not fake at all, it's purely authentic. Especially that according to my perfect plan, I was still supposed to live richly and colorfully in the kingdom of splendor called Dubai, but this is another fairy tale, about it at another time... And yet life surpised me incredibly again, but it was sooo good surprise!

So my dear readers...

If you have been reading my blog and have been following me on social media for a long time, or maybe even from the very beginning, and you know what I do professionally, you also know that traveling around the world winding new nests is nothing extraordinary in my case, and the next move to another country is no surprise, and something totally expected, considering it a matter of time when I pop up again with information about my new home.

But if you are new here and you don't know my skills yet... Yes, know that I am a veteran of moving from country to country, from continent to continent, and if it was could, life would probably carry me even further.

The beginning of the year is probably my standard time of posting my life, career and localization news to social media and blog.

A little reminder of how colorful it is with me:

At the beginning of 2019, I informed you about the fact that I moved to Venice

* meantime there was also a move to Barcelona *

In early 2020, you might have glimpsed information about a new chapter of my life in Dubai

 In early 2021...

...And in early 2021, my wings carried me to TURKEY.

As you can easily guess, there are only two reasons that could bring me to Turkish territory indefinitely: Blind love or work.
I quickly clarify any doubts, no, no local man is responsible for my move to this country, but only (or even) my irresistible desire and need to explore the world and travel, combined with the pursuit of the greatest possible career development and gaining a lot of new experiences, which will enrich me as a human being with priceless values ​​and skills, and above all, open my mind even more.

Turkish life.

It sounds like an advertisement for an oriental trip or a romantic and dramatic Turkish telenovela with action in beautiful Istanbul or another local city.
As it turns out, in my case, "Turkish life" is not a catchy title of a book, film or an encouraging name for a tourist attraction, but... Real life, local community, culture, customs, climate, work and everyday life, which day by day I will become more and more integral part, until maybe one day I will feel like a local, at home... The first step has already been taken, who knows what is waiting around the corner, what my future will bring.

I look into the future with hope, but I am constantly faced with questions and doubts as to whether I will be happy here in the long run, whether I will arrange my life the way I want it, will I be satisfied with my current job, will I want to stay longer and longer or after a few months I will feel the need to leave and return to something more familiar, both privately and professionally?
There are many questions, and only time will give me the real answers.

There will definitely be other posts about living, working a traveling in Turkey, so if you are interested, stay with me 💛

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