Oh, Ex AirLover...

by - 6:57 PM

Ex airlines are like ex boyfriends. You leave them, break this air romance, because it didn't give you satisfaction or satisfy your needs... And when they are replaced by a better one, they come back, show up unexpectedly, asking you to come back and to take you to their side, offer exactly what the lack of made you walk away without looking back too much.

Just so the story is not too boring, they always do it at the best possible time. When you are on contract with another company and cannot cancel it. At least not yet. Just to mess with your mind and wake up the part that would just like to take what a shadow of the past is offering now.

As you know, my several-year-long and I must admit, the rapidly developing international career of a flight attendant, was treated extremely brutally by a colleague called coronavirus, which for almost the entire year 2020 was filled with a pain of being grounded and lack of flights shared with hundreds of thousands of other cabin crew members around the world and prayed let it all end, the plague was forgotten, and life, especially this beloved aviation life, returned to normal.

Unfortunately, this suspension didn't last for days, weeks, or even months. This numbness lasted a lot longer, in fact, long enough for me to stop seeing my future in this profession in any bright colors. I just doubted. However, despite everything, I still had the power, I didn't give up and I did not cancel my dreams of continuing my adventures, travel and flying. I was still working, looking for new solutions, where it would be better, how it would be better, with whom it would be better, in which country it would be better, whether to keep my current job, or once again throw myself in at the deep end, go to another country and start a new chapter of my aviation book. Step by step. Slowly but surely I stayed on the top.


After the mighty Ice Age, ice began to crack some time ago. At least for me. For my life. For my career, for my further professional development, the next step. Great joy, warmth in the heart, an outburst of euphoria and a new flame of hope. I got an offer that I couldn't reject. At the beginning, a bit of fear, doubt, reflection, is it for sure, because this is the end of another story, travel, moving, abandoning what I had and going to another, distant and oriental country. Despite everything, I made a clear decision. I'm in it. I open up to a new experience, broaden my horizons and spread my wings in a different corner of the world than before. Everything is agreed, contracts are signed, documents prepared... Ahoy adventure.

It was nice, it was beautiful, perfect, I started getting used to a new job, getting used to the new level of duties, getting used to new habits, I just started to sink into the new things that I became a part of and enjoy the new beginning, a new place in the hierarchy, and above all, an amazing adventure.

And then BOOM!

One of my former airlines asked if I would like to come back to them. Now. When I have a contract with another and I am satisfied. My first thought was, of course, "Ehhh, no, thank you so much for remembering, but I'm not interested." Absolutely, it would be completely true, if not... The offer of my dream base in my beloved Greece, the base that I asked for, I even begged from the very beginning, from the very interview, but this airline has never agreed to assign me to Athens... Until now. They wanted to give me my beloved country without asking, of their own free will.

Can you imagine how I felt?

Like someone hit me hard on my head, blinded me, and cut my heart in two. The place where I wanted to live and to fly from for several years, for which I fought like a lion, but was not given to me, has now passed, or rather flew in front of my nose. On the one hand, I was happy with my current job, and on the other... I just wanted to cry because I knew that I had lost the opportunity that I had been applying for from the very beginning of my existence in aviation.

Maybe someday I will be able to fly high in the sky from Greek territory, maybe it's not the time yet, but I hope one day I will be able to achieve this goal. For now, I will enjoy what I have and climb new skies like an eagle.

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