#StayHome - Fly Soon

by - 9:07 PM

It all started with rumors, strange rumors, then disbelief came, because so much false information was circulating around the world, probably this time would be the same. Epidemic. The flying people could feel the chill of the blade on their throats. Worldwide pandemic. Impossible. The worst fears have become a fact. Black clouds have accumulated over the aviation. The invisible attacker stuck the knife straight into the heart. The wings were tied up. They had to learn not to fly. 

Anyone who knows anything about me, even quite little, also knows that I am totally obsessed with flying. Being a flight attendant is not only my job but also my life, my personality and my whole self. Taking away the opportunity to regularly climb into the clouds, is the same as if part of me was being pulled out by force, as if it was just mutilating me. And literally. Since the planes were grounded, what forced me to stay on the ground, in one place, without a shadow of a chance for my beloved journeys and admiring the world from a height of several kilometers above the ground, a tornado passed through my emotional life.
 From the impression of a ridiculous joke and being in a hidden camera of a cruel reality show, through sadness, rage, panic and a sense of complete meaninglessness of anything. For the first time in a very long time, I felt depressed. Like deprived of oxygen, weak and defenseless. Literally. I was like a ticking bomb, sensitive to anything that was connected to flying in any way. I withered like a flower cut off from the water, doubting myself and crying at every possible occasion. I went through a mood swing worse than during pregnancy, feeling everything spin out of my control and being afraid of every next day, afraid that I'd never fly again. 

Accepting the new reality and thing of the virus and the situation it caused was not easy. At the beginning, when I heard about it, I worked as if nothing had happened and I thought it was another media sensation, just so people had something to talk about. I lived (as it turned out illusively), hoped that it wouldn't be so bad and everything would work out. I guess that most of the flying people and not only hoped for the same. And when it turned out that instead of going in the right direction, everything was heading towards a global catastrophe that ended in drama, especially for aviation and grounding of aircraft for an indefinite period, I felt like in a cage that was still tightening and choking me, depriving me of power and hope. The poor condition of my beloved industry also had an extremely strong impact on my condition, on my well-being, which deteriorated sharply. The black hole, breakdown, it wasn't colorful.
 Until the moment when I managed to revive hope, good thoughts, revive memories and transform them into a new plan, change memories into a plan for a better, much more intense future, when everything blooms again. Until the moment I believed that the end of evil is really close and soon the skies will embrace me again, the world will be open, and there will be new places and adventures I have never experienced. Meanwhile, so far, there's a need to focus on your own health, both physical and mental, take care of it, develop what you lacked time for, while flying, trust the process and soon take off high into the clouds again. Maybe the effect of caring for what has been treated so loose before, will soon exceed the wildest expectations? 

If you, like me, lack of work and grounding have twisted mentally and drained energy and hope that it will be alright - remember, everything will be alright, really. We will fly again soon, higher and farther than ever before. Soon we will set off again into the unknown and our wings will become the strongest ever. Just a little time more. We have to survive it. After all, evil doesn't last forever, right?


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