Scared girl

by - 9:09 PM

Many things happen on board the aircraft, less and more typical, funny and scary. I've been asked many times if something strange happened to me during work, something that I particularly remember, so today I will tell you about something what makes me laugh now, but then laughter was the last thing I could think about. 

Have you ever met a stranger who looks identical, point to point the same as someone you know pretty well? Like someone who lives on the other end of the world? Not only looks but also speaks and acts like a clone? What was your reaction? Surprise, mirth, or maybe a prickle of excitement and fear? 
Today, just thinking of those events, smile comes to my face and I burst out laughing, but that day I was terrified. Why? 
So attention attention... Although today I don't know how it is even possible, why it automatically blocked me, then... I got scared of my passenger. A passenger who came to the galley as if nothing had happened, and innocently asked for a cup of cola. Yes, a flight attendant with several years of experience stood up, holding the ordered cups, with eyes wide open like a toad, mouth open and was not able to utter a single word except the only thing that came to my mind then "What the hell are you doing here?!". Fortunately, I managed to bite my tongue on time before I said something to this guy that I would regret at the moment of releasing these words from my mouth. Everything would be perfect, if not the fact that the unlucky passenger was amused by the whole incident, after which he stated that "We probably know each other from somewhere". Apparently, not only I had the impression that I was in a hidden camera and the situation was carefully directed and controlled from the hideout, and someone who was watching at that moment had fun of his life. Although, after all, someone took advantage of it, because a colleague working with me at the back almost suffocated from the laughter, and was close to pee from this hilarity. 

In the end, a mysterious and embarrassing coincidence, ended with a concert of laughter among the crew, a thousands of thousands jokes and an analysis of a poor passenger a million times. The unlucky one became the hero of the day and a hot topic on radio. 
And this way, from awkwardness to fun, the scared girl became a cheerful anti-stress and the atmosphere booster of the whole, long flight.

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