Fifth Anniversary! ⭐

by - 9:02 PM

 8/08/2015 - 8/08/2020 

Today is five years since I started my blog, from the first time I dared to put my thoughts on the Internet "piece of paper", starting with emotional, completely chaotic and often very sad posts of teenager and with little steps, year by year, step by step passing to the experience of an adult woman and the stories from the life of a flight attendant. It's so hard for me to believe it's been 5 years! 

Starting from nothing, without any experience, over the years gaining tens thousands of regular and new readers from all continents and almost all countries, after five years reaching the point when I decided to take my passion for writing, and at the same time for aviation, to a higher level and a completely different dimension. However, progress and development must be paid for with pain and sacrifice, and in connection with the new, mentioned above activities and loads of duties in everyday life, there have been practically no new posts recently, but! It's not over yet! I will catch up on both private and aviation so get ready for a dose of new fragments soon. 

To all those who understand and still stand by me and who urged me to stay, although I wanted to give up myself and leave the writing world for good this year, I say a big THANK YOU. Without you, I wouldn't have put a single dot anymore. ❤️ 

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