Dear Venice

by - 4:46 PM

"Venice is flooded"

 Every day I stay in many places around the world, every day I receive hundreds of information about more or less surprising events from all around the globe, and yet this one still rings in my mind... 

Have you ever wondered how it is to suddenly hear that one of the most beautiful cities in the world, a place that was your home for quite a long time, was flooded by a wave of great water? Shock? Disbelief? Just like that. A feeling that no one really wants to experience, and that's how I felt when I realized that Venice was drowning. 
Being there, walking everyday through the streets of a floating city, I never thought that someday it could be drown. At least not in the current or next century. Meanwhile, a few months after my move, I received sad news about the damage that may never be rebuilt again. Sadness, nostalgia, regret, it's hard to describe the difficulty of accepting this. My streets, my everyday life, nooks and crannies where I spent my free time, my days off... Began to look more like a pool or a lake, than the historic surroundings that the world loved. The sight of legendary streets under water just hurt. It stung my eyes and heart. 
And even though now it would seem that it's better, that the situation has improved... The losses that this famous city got because of water caused that even after making every effort to save what lives in it... This place will never again be the same as before. 

After all, I can't wait to visit Venice again, this time only as a tourist. For me it will always be a city with an unique spirit and atmosphere and no cataclysms or damages can ruin it. 

Venice, see you soon!

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