New Year's... What?

by - 3:23 PM

The new year is coming, the new beginning, time to close the old chapter, people are getting a lot of conscience and... Of course, New Year's resolutions. 

We all know those who create entire lists with dreams that they want to come true in the upcoming twelve months... And wait until it happens. We all know that there are those who, to motivate, add faith and keep their promise given to themselves, announce it to the whole world. 
And me, well... Maybe I'm too modest, not very effusive, but I haven't written a book about how many things I would like in a sprinting year. I don't have much to say or brag about the hundred-meter list of ideas and dreams awaiting coming true. 
I'm not waiting for gift from heaven because I know I won't get it. I know that nothing will come to me by itself. I have no dreams for 2020. I have goals. I don't wait for things that happen wonderfully themselves. I don't say "I would like". No, because I know that I can, that I am able to do that, that I can afford to bring my dreams to life, which I set the deadline for, dreams that are no longer dreams, but something more important and more powerful - goals. Goals that are within my reach. Because I'm strong. Because I believe. Because I have this something in me. Because if not me, then nobody. 
I know that it won't t be easy, that there will be a great fight, sweat, blood and tears. I know it's gonna cost me a lot of stress, patience and sacrifice. But nothing is effortless. There is no success without work. There is no victory without faith. 
The new year starting in a few hours is for me the beginning of a completely new life. The beginning of what I have been waiting for for years. The beginning of what faith and self-confidence gave me. Believing that I am someone who can, who is able to achieve anything, who has the strength that many lack. This year is not a year of dreams and rocking in the clouds. This is a year of goals and successes. This year is a huge step for me, a step towards what seemed impossible a year ago. 

And you, enter 2020 under the sign of dreams or goals? Do you act or only want? Take or just wait for the gift from heaven? The decision is only yours.

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