Dance in the rain

by - 5:25 PM

When the black clouds covered the sky... 
Learn to dance in the rain! Dance, love and fight! 

Life is not always perfect, easy and colorful. Sometimes there are problems, difficulties, tough days. Sometimes it's only cloudy, sometimes a small rain, and sometimes a solid thunderstorm, which - it may seem, deprives of all hope of a quick improvement of the situation and gives the headache even to the strongest ones. 
No matter how bad it is, it's never worth giving up. I have suffered a lot in my life, went through crying, fear, tears, the edge of breakdown... It was not easy. However, when a gale comes, black clouds hang over your head, the sky sparkles, and a rain of confusing thoughts and worries floods your head and you don't know what to do... Learn to dance in the rain! Don't let tears take away all your hope. Take a deep breath and think positively, because no storm lasts forever and in the end it can bring a lot of good. Use the hard time to reflect and strengthen, find positives and believe that even in the most difficult moments you can find something beautiful that will enrich, broaden your horizons, show what you haven't noticed before... Shape a stronger, better, more mature version of you. 
Don't lose hope and energy for tears and depressive thoughts, because bad time is only temporary, and every difficult moment allows you to discover in yourself layers of power that you had no idea about before. Let what you love be your light reminding that not every swirl brings havoc, and even after the biggest storms the sun comes out and roses bloom. Never forget that you still carry joy inside you. 
Wipe away tears and smile - keep a spark in your heart and don't break down, soon you will be closer to what you want in life, and sadness and worry will be forgotten. 

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