International Flight Attendant Day.

by - 5:02 PM

International Flight Attendant Day. This year, I celebrate it for the first time in my life, a nice day to celebrate and appreciate how much energy, effort and dedication we put in our work - we, flight attendants and stewardesses and stewards, cabin crew members. On the occasion of this special day, I got a little sensitive, remembering my way from the beginning, from dreaming, finding first offers, interviewing, through training and first flights. It was and still is an amazing journey towards fulfilling dreams, which with each another take-off and landing climb to an ever higher level, gaining momentum and spreading wings. A day like this is the perfect time to appreciate and admire yourself and your colleagues for everything we do every day, taking care of the well-being and safety of our passengers during sky travels. 
Happy Cabin Crew day, flying family! High flights and wide skies! ✈️

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