I moved to BARCELONA!

by - 8:53 PM

Some time ago I moved to Barcelona. And although I didn't mention anything here, partially because it was a fresh and hot matter, partially because of lack of time, and partially simply because I was waiting for the right moment, now I decided that the right moment to whisper a few words about moving to the capital of Catalonia has just arrived. 
I just lived in Venice, and now... Barcelona?! Moving to Spain from Italy was a really difficult and demanding task, and above all a huge change in every sphere of my life. So why do I owe everything turned upside down and another move to the other end of Europe? Of course, the same thing that brought me to Venice, which is nothing but my wonderful flying work. 
What can I say about this city after a few months of stay? In fact, to describe my feelings for Barcelona, ​​only two words would be enough: Something amazing. You really can't find such a climate anywhere else in the world. And I don't write it because it's fair or because someone paid me for it. This city is really unique and if I had to choose my place to live permanently, apart from my Greek corner, it would definitely be the Queen of Catalonia. 
Why do I speak about Gaudi's city in superlatives and what is so wonderful about it that I would be able to stay here permanently? You'll find out in the next post!

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