Craziness in Alps.

by - 5:32 AM

There were some news, now it's time for some memories. Although spring is fully and summer is getting closer and closer... We are coming back to winter! Who loves this time of year above all others? I don't, unfortunately, but craziness in white fluff gives me as much joy as life-long lovers of cold winter months. This year's white time was definitely distinguished by the trip to Alps, so it's time for a few words about mountain craziness in snowflakes. Imagine that since I remember, I felt a fear of the mountains, sometimes even horrifying, which was caused by my eternal malaise, when I was approaching the mountain areas, I immediately suffered from migraines, nausea or dizziness. It happened literally since childhood, when as a little girl I "met" the mountains for the first time, what was always explained by a too radical change in pressure, intolerance of height and associated stress. Just hm... Something's wrong here. How can I suffer from intolerance to pressure and altitude changes when I work in aircraft on a daily basis? Can you imagine that? Stewardess, who spends a lot of hours on the plane almost every day, is afraid of malaise in the mountains, because "too high", and the aircraft flies several times higher than any mountains? Me neither. That is why I decided to break this irrational fear and finally go to the mountains. That's how I came across a few days in the Alps. At the beginning I was afraid that I could not deal with it, because in the end I avoided mountains like a fire, but... As it turned out, the devil is not so black as he is painted and in the end there was a lot of fun. Luckily, even the weather was good, because the sun was shining every day, the snow was clean, just the time to celebrate the victory over myself. In the end, not only did I break my eternal fear, it was the first time since I can't even remember when, that I tried to step on skis. 
To this day I'm proud of myself that after so many years of weakness and fear, I managed to win this fight. This trip was one of my milestones, and by the way great fun in the enormity of snow, which I haven't really seen for a long time.

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